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UNITECH ASG2000-O Online 2kva/1.8kw UPS | Technology Valley - Technology Valley
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UNITECH ASG2000-O Online 2kva/1.8kw UPS

EGP 25,900.00

  • Brand: UNiTECH
  • Model: ASG2000-O
  • Rating (VA/Watts): 2KVA/1.8KW,PF0.9
  • Battery Voltage: Tyical Charging Time 4 Hours
  • Battery Quantity: inside 4 pcs 9ah battery
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SKU: ASG2000-O

Categories: Network, UPS

UNITECH ASG2000-O Online 2kva/1.8kw UPS Descritption


Online 2kva/1.8kw UPS

In today's dynamic business environment, uninterruptible power supply is crucial for maintaining

operations and safeguarding critical equipment. The Unitech ASG2000-O stands out as a robust online

UPS solution, offering a 2kVA capacity and a power factor of 0.9, ensuring your business stays powered

even in the face of electrical uncertainties.


High-Capacity Battery Backup for Dependable Performance:

At the heart of the ASG2000-O lies a reliable backup system, consisting of four 9AH batteries. With a

swift 4-hour charging time, these batteries provide a seamless transition to backup power during

outages, allowing your systems to continue running without a hitch. The substantial battery capacity

ensures extended support for your devices, offering peace of mind in critical situations.


Zero Downtime with Instantaneous Power Transfer:

Experience uninterrupted productivity with the ASG2000-O's remarkable 0-millisecond transfer time.

This feature guarantees a seamless switch between utility power and battery power, eliminating

downtime and potential data loss during power fluctuations. Your connected devices remain powered,

ensuring continuity and reliability in the face of unforeseen electrical interruptions.


Advanced Monitoring and Connectivity for Effortless Management:

Effortlessly manage and monitor your UPS UNITECH with the ASG2000-O's included monitoring

software. Boasting multiple connectivity options, including USB, R232, RJ45, EPO, and SNMP slot, this

uninterruptible power supply (UPS) facilitates remote monitoring and control. Stay informed about your

power infrastructure, detect issues proactively, and take corrective actions promptly to keep your

business operations running smoothly.


Powering a Variety of Devices with Versatile Outlet Options:

The ASG2000-O is designed with versatility in mind, featuring four Local Edge Connector (LEC) sockets

and one European (EU) socket. These power outlets cater to various devices, ensuring that critical

equipment, computers, and other essential electronics receive the necessary backup power. Adapt to

diverse power needs effortlessly with this uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solution.


Unmatched Reliability and Efficiency for Business Continuity:

Invest in the UPS UNITECH ASG2000-O for unmatched reliability, efficiency, and peace of mind. This

online UPS solution not only safeguards your equipment but also empowers your business to navigate

through power challenges seamlessly. With advanced features, high-capacity batteries, and seamless

power transfer, the Unitech ASG2000-O uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a valuable asset for

ensuring uninterrupted business continuity in today's demanding and ever-changing landscape.


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UNITECH ASG2000-O Online 2kva/1.8kw UPS - Technical Specifications

Rating (VA/Watts)2KVA/1.8KW,PF0.9
Battery VoltageTyical Charging Time 4 Hours
Battery Quantityinside 4 pcs 9ah battery



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