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SHARP 3 HP Inverter Split Cool/Heat Plasmacluster - Black - Technology Valley
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SHARP 3 HP inverter Split Digital Cool/Heat Plasmacluster AY-XP24YHEB - Black

  • Brand: SHARP 
  • Model: AY-XP24YHEB
  • Type: Air Conditioner
  • Placement: Hi-Wall
  • Horsepower: 3 HP
  • Type System: Cool - Heat
  • Cooling Capacity: 22400 (5735-21325) BTU/H
  • Heating Capacity: 26100 (5.450-28.700) BTU/H
  • Country of Origin: (Indoor Unit: Thailand - Outdoor Unit: Egypt)  
  • Warranty: 5 Years Full Free
  • With Plasmacluster Technology


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Categories: Home Appliances, Air Conditioner

Sharp 3 HP inverter Split Digital Cool/Heat Plasmacluster Black - Description

Cooling Capacity : 22400 ( 5735-21325 ) BTU/H           

Heating Capacity : 26100 ( 5,450-28,700 ) BTU/H           

Air Conditioner Color : Black           

Modern Design      


Inverter Technology       

Advanced Technology Contribute To Reduce Costs and Energy Consumption By Switching The            

Compressor Between High and Low Operation Modes Instead Of Switching It On and Off            


Eco Mode : Makes the Air Conditioner Operates with Lower Power Consumption than usual in this Mode     


Plasmacluster Ion         

Sharp’s unique Plasmacluster technology uses the actions of positive and negative ions           

to clean up bacteria and viruses inside rooms       


Super Jet Function   

The Air Conditioner Works At Maximum Power To Make The Room Cool or Heat Rapidly       


Gentle Air Cool ( COANDA )              

Delivers gentle cool air up through ceiling than down through the floor to prevent the conditions are too  


In heating mode , It delivers hot air downwards so that the air flows to the floor of the room       


4 Way Auto Swing: Louvers can move up and down, left and right automatically            

My Area Function           

Motion Sensor Function           

Self Clean Function With Plasmacluster           

Dry Function            

Quiet Cooling Function           

Auto Sleep Function           

12 Hour On / Off Timer           

1 Hour On / Off Timer           

Nature Wing Function           

Auto Restart Function           

Using Environmentally Friendly Freon ( R410a )             

Self Diagnose            

Hermetically Sealed Rotary Compressor           

Semi Tropical Compressor           

Anti-corrosion ( Outdoor side )           

Low Noise            

Dust Filter            

Energy Efficiency Ratio ( EER ) : 20.1 BTU/H           

Energy Efficiency Class : ( A+++++ )           

Rating Voltage : 220-240 Volt           

Rating Frequency : 50Hz           

Pipes Connection Length : 3 Meter   


Dimensions ( Width x Height x Depth ) mm    

Indoor Unit : 1052 x 316 x 323   

Outdoor Unit : 890 x 800 x 325  


Net Weight    

Indoor Unit : 12 Kg   

Outdoor Unit : 54.5 Kg  


Gross Weight    

Indoor Unit : 15 Kg   

Outdoor Unit : 60 Kg  


Country Of Origin    

Indoor Unit : Thailand   

Outdoor Unit : Egypt   

Warranty : 5 Years Full Free Warranty  


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SHARP 3 HP Air Conditioner Split Cool Heat AY-XP24YHEB - Technical Specifications

Brand  SHARP
Model  AY-XP24YHEB
Main – Category   Air Conditioners
Product Type  Split Air Conditioner
AC Horse Power3 HP
Cooling System  Cold/Heat
Collection / Series   Inverter
Colors   Black
Energy Efficiency Class  (A+++++)
Indoor Unit Dimensions ( W x H x D ) mm  1052 x 316 x 323
Outdoor Unit Dimensions ( W x H x D ) mm  890 x 800 x 325
Net Weight Indoor Unit12 Kg 
Outdoor Unit Net Weight  54.5 Kg
Gross Weight Indoor Unit15 kg
Outdoor Unit Gross Weight  60 kg
Country Of Origin  Indoor Unit : Thailand , Outdoor Unit : Egypt
Warranty  5 Years Full Free Warranty


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Yes, you can set a timer on the Sharp 3 HP Inverter Air Conditioner for automatic operation, allowing you to schedule cooling/heating cycles according to your preferences.

The time it takes for the Sharp 3 HP Inverter Air Conditioner to cool down a room can vary based on factors such as room size, insulation, ambient temperature, and desired temperature settings. Generally, it should start cooling the room within minutes, with noticeable temperature improvement within 10 to 30 minutes, depending on room conditions.

Yes, Sharp 3 HP Inverter Air Conditioners typically include safety features such as: Overload protection to prevent damage from power surges. Auto-restart function to resume operation after a power outage. Fire-resistant electrical components for added safety.

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