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Olympic Electric 50 Liter Water Heater Digital Hero Plus White

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  • Brand: Olympic Electric  
  • Model: Hero Plus50  
  • Capacity: 50 liter  
  • Colour: White  
  • Country of Origin: Egypt  
  • Warranty: 5 Years  
  • Longer Hot Shower  
  • Easy Temperature Control  
  • Precise digital display  
  • Long tank lifetime  
  • 4 safety levels  
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SKU: Hero Plus50

Categories: Home Appliances, Water Heaters, Small Home Appliances

Olympic Electric 50 Liter Water Heater Digital Hero Plus White Description


Warm + Longer Hot Shower

Water Temperature stays warm for a longer period.


Easy Temperature Control - Adjustable Temperature

Improved usability with a knob to adjust your temperature.


Digital Display - Precise digital display

The digital thermometer displays the actual water temperature inside the tan with 1C precision.


Shield System - Long tank lifetime

The new shield uses an enameling coating of high performance for long-lasting protection.

4 safety levels

Doubles control on temperature & on the pressure to prevent burn , overheating and over pressure.


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Olympic Electric 50 Liter Water Heater Digital - Technical Specifications

BrandOlympic Electric
ModelHero Plus50
Heating TypeElectric digital Water Heater
Cpacity50 Liter
Country of Origin  Egypt  
Warranty5 Years   


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