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HONOR Choice X5 Wireless Earbuds Earphones White

  • Brand: Honor  
  • Model: Choice X5  
  • Internal Earbud size: 10 mm  
  • The sound frequency level: ranges between (20 Hz - 20 kHz)  
  • Microphone: Noise canceling microphone  
  • Bluetooth: 5.3 connection  
  • Operating time: 9 hours, 35 hours with case  
  • Charging Interface: USB-C   
  • Battery capacity: 410 mAh  
  • Weight of one earphone: 4.6 grams  
  • Charging case weight: 31 grams  
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HONOR Choice X5 Wireless Earbuds Earphones Description 



Sound quality: The Choice Earbuds X5 body has a diaphragm with a diameter of 13.4 mm. It transmits

a clean saturated sound to your ears. Headphones reproduce deep bass and clear high notes — sound

aesthetics for music lovers.


Powerful and wonderful sound: A high-dynamic sound-maker that has been Adjust it with a 10 mm

stroke to order you a listening test From each tip



light weight with premium design: We design it comfortably inside up The 4.6 gram one is made up of

headphones Comfortable poses, ordering the experience of HONOR Choice X5


Usability: Wireless design retains freedom of movement. You can play sports, drive and do your

homework while talking and listening to music or audiobooking.




Long-playing battery:  One full charge of the liners is enough for five hours of listening to music. The

cupboard recharging allows you to extend this time to 35 hours.


Active noise cancellation mode: You can enjoy good music on the go Ultramarathon g sports wrestling

today, Hey In a world with clear music Which helps to guard the health of art


Honor Choice Earbuds X5 Features:  

Constant connection without interruption  

Active noise cancellation mode  

Battery lasts up to 35 hours  

No Need to worry about water  

One-touch control  



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HONOR Choice X5 Wireless Earbuds Earphones - Technical Specifications

ModelHonor Choice X5
DesginMembrane Diameter: 13.4 mm       
Headrest mounting type: No mounting       
Earbud Material: Silicon       
Protection standard: IP54
PowerBattery Type: Li-ion       
Battery capacity: 45 mAh       
Case Battery Capacity: 460 mAh       
Opening hours in music listening mode to: 9 h       
Opening hours in the listening mode of music in  the charger case to: 27 h       
Full charge time, about: 60 min       
The time of the full charge of the case, about: 100 min       
Connectors: USB type-c
ConnectionWireless connection: Bluetooth   
Bluetooth: 5.3  
Wired connection: USB type-c       
Bluetooth Range: 10 meters

In-Ear, Noise Cancellation, Wireless Connection

Passive noise reduction, playback control

Microphone: Yes  
Active noise reduction system: Yes   

Frequency range20 – 20000 Hz     
SpecificationsHeight: 32 mm       
Width: 20.55 mm       
Thickness: 22.25 mm       
Weight: 9.2 g


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460 mAh for the case and 45 mAh for the earbud

10 Meters

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