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Elite Laptop Bag creative GS250 Backpack Dark Grey

EGP 825.00 EGP 993.98

  • Brand: Elite 
  • Model: GS250-DGrey
  • Color: Dark Grey  
  • Size: 15.6 inches  
  • Height: 53 cm  
  • Width: 37 cm  
  • A Backpack suitable for outings, sports, school, and also for travel    
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Laptop Bag creative GS250 Backpack Description


It is a very creative bag, as it is suitable for outings, sports, school, and also for travel. And the various  

hard daily tasks, as it is neither small nor large, and it has many pockets from the front and the top, as  

well as from the sides  


Elite Bag has taken care of every detail in this bag because it is primarily intended for study and hard  

daily use. And we start from the top. The upper handle of the bag is lined with a sponge for the comfort  

of the hand, and the fabric around the sponge is equipped to absorb sweat. The upper part of the hand  

is a piece of rubber printed on our trademark to give an aesthetic shape and increase the hardness and  

strength of the hand when carrying it, and it has many purposes.  


The bag also has four external pockets, which are two large pockets, one medium, and one small one in  

the front, in addition to two pockets on both sides of the bag for placing water bottles of various sizes,  

and the two large and medium pockets with double zippers for easy opening from any direction. And a  

small pocket in the front of the bag to put a pencil case or keys and a wallet and so on. The large main  

pocket is suitable for placing a laptop and some items such as books. The middle pocket is suitable for  

placing clothes, food containers, large items, and a bag.  


It is very easy to carry on the back due to the presence of well-padded arms to relieve pressure on the  

houlders and an antiperspirant lining in the arms. The front of the bag is simple and the front zipper is  

hidden to maintain the beautiful streamlined shape. Also, the bag from the bottom is well padded so that  

it will not be affected by placing it on hard surfaces in the event that there are heavy objects in it. And  

there is a belt on each side to withstand the extra pressure in case we put a lot of things in it  


The materials used are anti-splash. The bag comes in 6 new attractive colors. The entire bag is not leak-  

proof except for the splash-proof zipper only. We also always point out that all the raw materials used are  

raw materials that have the Egyptian standard specifications and the approvals of the Egyptian customs  

in terms of quality and safety specifications necessary for industrial raw materials.  


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Laptop Bag creative GS250 Backpack - Technical Specifications

Brand  ELITE  


GS250 Creative  




Dark Grey  

Laptop Size  



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