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Elite GS205 Jeans 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack Light Green
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Elite GS205 Jeans 15.6 Inch Laptop Backpack Light Green

Brand: Elite Bags

  • Laptop Bag Elite GS205 Jeans 
  • Laptop back Jeans bag for 15.6 size laptop 
  • The bag is splash-resistant and can be dry washed 
  • Gorgeous and stable multiple colors 
  • Industrial safety approvals have been obtained 
  • By the Egyptian customs authorities
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SKU: GS205 -LGreen

Categories: Accessories, Laptop - Computer Accessories, Bags & Sleeves

Elite GS205 jeans Bag Description 


It is an ideal bag for simple and quick activities, as it is suitable for work, sports, school and also for

nearby travels. And various quick daily tasks, they are neither small in size nor large and have two

pockets. The main one is large and suitable for placing a laptop and some items such as books and

clothes. And another small one in the front for small items such as a personal wallet, keys, and the like.

It is very easy to carry on the back because it has well-padded arms to relieve pressure on the

shoulders and an anti- sweating lining in the arms.


The front of the bag is simple and the front zipper has been hidden to keep the beautiful streamlined

shape and the materials are anti-water splash. The bag comes in five new attractive colors which are

black, gray, pink, dark red and navy there is also a pocket for the tablet inside the large pocket and

another for the laptop. There is also a small hand at the top of the bag for easy carrying and suspension

and for easy carrying from the top if you want to carry it from one place to another. The entire bag is not

leaking water except for the anti-splash zipper only. The bag often comes in 5 colors to suit all styles of

clothing, whether classic or youthful, for men and women


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Elite GS205 jeans Bag - Technical Specifications 

Height45 mmTotal product height from the hand to the bottom of the bag base
Width34 mmtotal width from right to left after placing the items
Thickness15 mmwhich means the width of the bag from front to back
The width13 mmmeans the width of the base of the bag from front to back, and it is often different from the thickness
The maximum depth of the bag47 mmwhich is the height of the large pocket, and from it is known the maximum height for any purpose that can be carried in it
The main zipper71 mmwhich is the length of the zipper, and from it is known how easy it is to enter and exit items, and its depth is 45 cm
The small zipper21 mmwhich is intended for small things that are difficult to get among the things in large pockets
The length of the belt100 mmand it is adjustable from 45 to 100 cm to suit any height


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