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Apple Series 8 Smart Watch 45mm Midnight Sport Band Midnight Aluminum case
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Apple Series 8 Smart Watch 45mm Midnight Sport Band Midnight Aluminum case

Brand: APPLE

EGP 19,500.00

Apple Series 8 Smart Watch

  • Temperature Sensor
  • Blood Oxygen Sensor and App
  • Take an ECG Anytime, Anywhere
  • Heart Rhythm Notifications
  • Advanced Safety Features
  • Enhanced Workout App
  • Redesigned Compass App with Backtrack
  • Track Daily Activity
  • Durable IP6X Design
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Apple Series 8 Smart Watch

Healthy jump.

Your trail buddy is now even more powerful. Here's a temperature sensing feature for fuller details on women's health, a collision detection feature for emergency assistance and a sleep phase feature for a deeper understanding of your sleep cycles. And new exercise methods with the exercise application with its innovative design. Apple Watch Series 8 is the future of your health on your wrist, and better than ever.


The design and durability - its beauty - stays in it.

Its design flows to the extreme. Apple Watch Series 8 brings you a display that's always there, big and brilliant in every way. Narrow edges that expand the screen and flow to reach the edges. The result is a perfect, elegant harmony with the curves of the frame. Really a masterpiece.

The Retina screen is always on. Overview, complete tasks. The display on Apple Watch Series 8 is always present, illuminating every detail of watch faces, making them look great and easy to read, even when your wrist isn't raised. The wide screen gives you enough space for all your favorite extras, and enables you to tap, type, and scroll easily and quickly.


Durability - on durability.

The same innovations used to create Apple Watch Series 8's radiant, ever-present display extending to the edges are what make this display an icon of durability. Its thick crystal bezel, solid geometry and design, and flat base make it scratch-resistant.


Scratch Resistant

Apple Watch Series 8 is designed to be tough.


Dust resistant

Apple Watch Series 8 Certified IP6X.


Water resistant

Apple Watch Series 8 is water-resistant while swimming to a depth of 50 metres.


Health and keep your health of concern.

The more you know about your health, the more you can take care of it. The advanced health sensors in Apple Watch Series 8 give you useful details that help you understand your health better and more fully.


Temperature sensing feature.

Understand your menstrual cycle better than before. Apple Watch Series 8 has an innovative new sensor that tracks your temperature while you sleep, so you can monitor changes over time. The cycle tracking app uses this data to give you an estimate of when you're likely to ovulate, which can help with family planning. When you combine this information with your recorded heart rate and cycle data, you'll get a detailed view of your menstrual cycle information.


Dream time

The Sleep app on Apple Watch Series 8 not only tracks your sleep time, but also shows you how long it was in REM, basic, or deep sleep, as well as when you might have woken up.

Get your heart rate anytime on Apple Watch Series 8. Check your heart rate at any time with the Heart Rate app, or get heart health notifications if your heart rate goes up or down to an abnormal level.

Measure the oxygen in the blood. Breathtaking innovation. With the Apple Watch Series 8's exceptional sensor and app, you can check your blood oxygen level and get readings in the background any time you want, day or night.


Safety - an innovation we hope you'll never need.

Collision detection feature. The help is automatic. For the first time, Apple Watch Series 8 can detect that you've had a serious car accident. When an accident is detected, collision detection can automatically connect you to emergency services and provide them with your location, notifying your registered emergency contacts.2 Collision detection combines the power of data provided by an enhanced 3-axis gyroscope with a new g-force accelerometer with the highest dynamic range. In any smart watch. This feature also uses the microphone, barometer, GPS, and advanced sensor fusion algorithm that have been trained using over a million hours of actual driving and crash data to detect if you've had a serious crash.

Fall detection feature. Apple Watch Series 8 can detect you've had a hard fall, and call you to emergency services if you're immobile. This feature is even more effective when you use the workout app.

SOS emergency feature. Press and hold the side button to have your Apple Watch call local emergency services and share your location.


Fitness - It's All In It, Moves All In You.

Exercise in new ways to give your best self. Go ahead with your workout, whether it's a squat, a spin, or a sprint. What you ask for on your Apple Watch is in the Enhanced Workout app. And with new Workout Views, you can see more advanced metrics at a glance, such as heart rate zones and custom phases, to get you started with full force.

Heart rate zones. Quickly find out your exercise intensity level. Workout zones are automatically calculated and customized using your health data. You can also create your own if you like.

Customize your exercises. Apple Watch Series 8 tailors your workout phases and rest times to fit your style, and get alerts for speed, heart rate, step rate and strength. Thus, the exercises that you form will reflect on the shape of your fitness.

Compete yourself on the same track. If you're used to exercising outside like running or cycling, you can challenge your latest or best score and get instant updates to help you outpace yourself and beat your previous records.


Stay in touch - stay connected with everything that matters to you.

Wherever you travel, your world is with you. Make calls, send messages, and make emergency calls from your Apple Watch Series 8

Low power mode. take your time. Enjoy all-day battery life with up to 18 hours, and up to 36 hours with the new Low Power mode. It's a great feature especially when you're away from a charger, like on a long flight.


App Store and watch faces - a thousand ways to customize them your way.

Your favorite apps, now on your wrist. And because Apple Watch Series 8 gives you access to tens of thousands of apps in the App Store right from your wrist, it's the ultimate personal device that brings everything you love into one place.

Each time has its own style. Personalize your watch face to fit your style with custom plugins for everything you love. Now, Nike skins are available to everyone.


Use augmented reality to discover your Apple Watch Series 8.

Open this page in Safari on your iPhone or iPad.

The aluminum case is lightweight and made from 100 percent recycled aerospace-grade alloy.

The Sport Band is made from a durable yet surprisingly soft high-performance fluoroelastomer with an innovative pin-and-tuck closure.





Apple Watch Series 8 45mm   






Aluminum Midnight   






Height: 45mm   



Width: 38mm   



Depth: 10.7mm   



Weight: Aluminum 38.8g (GPS)   






S8 SiP with 64-bit dual-core processor   



W3: Apple wireless chip   



U1 chip: (Ultra Wideband)   






396 by 484 pixels   



1143 sq mm display area   






L1 GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and BeiDou   






Always-on altimeter   



Water resistant: 50 meters   



Certified IP6X dust resistant   



Blood oxygen sensor: (Blood Oxygen app)   



Electrical heart sensor: (ECG app)   



Third-generation optical heart sensor   



International emergency calling   



Emergency SOS   



International roaming   



High-g accelerometer:   



Up to 256 g-forces with Fall Detection and Crash Detection   



High dynamic range gyroscope   



Ambient light sensor   









Apple Pay   






Capacity 32GB   



Ceramic and sapphire crystal back   






Wi-Fi: 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz   



Bluetooth 5.3   






Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery   



Up to 18 hours   



USB-C magnetic fast charging cable   



Environmental Features   



100% recycled aluminum in the case   



100% recycled tungsten in the Taptic Engine   



100% recycled rare earth elements in all magnets   



100% recycled tin in the SiP   



Energy efficient   



Responsible packaging   



Arsenic-free display glass   



Mercury-, BFR-, PVC-, and beryllium-free   



In the Box   



Apple Watch Series 8   






Apple Watch Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C Cable (1m)   



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