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You will be charmed by 4000 EGP if we tell you that you can get part of the bill back - Technology Valley
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Mar 19, 2023 / By Ghada Magdi / in Blogs

I would be charmed by 4,000 pounds if we told you that you can get part of the bill back... How can I tell you how?? The wave of inflation that hit our world during the past months, everyone is struggling to buy the products they want with the least possible amount of money, so what you had yesterday may not be enough for what you want to buy today. To guide you on some steps that will help you pay less money. Among these steps are cashback sites and applications that may help you pay less money for what you want to get. What are cashback sites and applications? (means A Cash Back) Cash Back sites and applications are intermediary sites that can be used to buy products through hundreds of popular sites in exchange for a refund of part of your money after a period of completing the purchase process or obtaining discounts during the purchase through special vouchers offered by those sites. It is redeemed in a wallet on the platform used and can be used to purchase other products later. All you have to do to use it is create an account on any of those platforms, then log in and choose the site you want to shop from. You will be directed to this site, and the buying experience will be exactly the same as the normal buying experience, but the difference here is that you recover part of your money as we mentioned, or you may benefit from a purchase voucher to get a discount. How do you earn cash back sites in Egypt? It certainly can be suspicious. A service that returns part of your money to you only if you log in and choose the online shopping site through it. Is there anyone in our world who distributes money? These platforms simply get money and give you a portion of your payments through the money you earn from several sources. Among those sources is the ranking of e-shopping sites offered on its site. These platforms also get money by obtaining a percentage of the sales achieved through them, as they are the ones that led you to this site. Simply, these services are considered as an advertising broker for the famous online shopping sites, the most famous cashback sites in Egypt 1. Luckyegypt Lucky provides a wide range of international online shopping sites, as it currently supports 35 online shopping sites, and the refund rate ranges between 0.4% and up to 14%. Currently, new subscribers can get 50 Egyptian pounds as a balance in the Lucky wallet and use it in online shopping operations at the supported sites. The Lucky app and site also provide the ability to take advantage of the offers in several different ways, whether by purchasing through the supported websites within the application, or through Direct ordering from stores and giving them the code they provide you, or by simply going to the store and giving them the code you have, or by scanning the QR code compatible with the application in the store itself. Lucky subscribers can withdraw refunds within 7 to 10 days from the date of completing the purchase either via Lucky wallet or through a bank account with a minimum of 100 pounds per transaction and a maximum of 500 pounds per month. Funds can also be withdrawn from Aman branches with the same controls as transferring them to the bank account (the balance is valid for 90 days from the date it appears in the Lucky Wallet) 2. WaffarX WaffarX has a very large library of online stores, as the number of available stores exceeds 250, including local and international stores. New subscribers get the gift of creating a new account in the amount of $ 2.5 USD. The refund rate in WaffarX ranges from 0.64% and reaches 50% on some services. Withdrawing money in WaffarX takes place every three months, provided that the user has a balance of $ 5 or more and is Determine the price of the dollar based on the lowest price recorded during the last purchase period (3 months). The balance can be withdrawn through Fawry machines, all e-wallets, bank accounts or through CashU 3. Waffarha is a little different from other sites. Instead of providing a refund service and purchase vouchers, the site offers instant discounts on products available for sale through it directly upon entering the site. The site easily finds a large list of discounts that may reach 70 percent on different products from more than 1,000 different stores, and all you need to do to take advantage of these discounts is create a new account, then select the payment method and choose the product you want. Waffarha supports many payment methods such as cards Banking, Premium Card, electronic wallets, Meeza cards, Fawry, Aman and a number of installment services On iOS and Android systems, and through the AppGallery store for phones that do not have the Google Play Store 4. Yajny offers refunds and vouchers for more than 300 different stores, some local and some international. Yajny offers a registration gift of 73 Egyptian pounds, and the refund rate ranges from 0.35% to 75%. Yajny is distinguished by having a rewards program. The more you buy in terms of the number of orders and in terms of the value paid, you will get more balance than the money. The money is withdrawn in Yajny through two methods, which are PayPal and bank accounts, provided that the minimum is $ 5. Of course, there are other sites that provide refund services, Purchase vouchers and discounts, but we brought you some of them in order to show you what the most prominent people in this field offer. Tips for making the most of cashback sites. The purchase cart must be empty on the site you want to buy from before heading to the cashback service. Be sure to visit the official website of the store you want Through the service you subscribed to and not from outside it or any other direct link, the operations that take place through smart phone applications are independent of the operations that take place through the mobile phone.