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What is Chat GPT AI Application? - Technology Valley
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Mar 19, 2023 / By Ghada Magdi / in Blogs

Recently, an application called Chat GPT has spread, which is a chat bot via artificial intelligence, where you can communicate with that application as you communicate with a natural person, as it sends completely realistic answers, so we show you the most important information about the application of Chat GPT.

 What is Chat GPT?
The application of artificial intelligence Chat GPT has spread widely during the last period, and the number of users of the application has reached one million users since its launch last week, and the application is produced by OpenAI, which was founded in 2015 in the US state of San Francisco with a budget of one billion US dollars, in cooperation between CEO Sam Altman and Elon Musk.

And Elon Musk left that company in 2018, after the ChatGPT application began to spread widely on Twitter, and Musk said that the application had access to Twitter's training database.

Chat GPT works with an extensible language template, which is an artificial intelligence system that has been trained to predict the next word in a sentence by inputting huge amounts of text from the Internet.

The goal of making the Chat GPT application is to create an easy dialogue with artificial intelligence, as it is similar to human conversations, so questions are asked to the application, and those questions are answered by complete sentences, but the answers are not always correct.

Chat GPT has no personality, but can gather information from many sources, in addition to training provided by humans.

How does Chat GPT work?
Chat GPT is an extensible language template that uses algorithms to analyze large amounts of text mostly taken from the Internet, in order to answer user questions in what may sound like human language.

Despite the accuracy of the Chat GPT application, this application can provide false or misleading information and may display offensive or biased content, as it was made only to provide advice, according to the instructions of the manufacturer of the application.

Examples of people's uses for this app
A number of social media pioneers were keen to publish the application's reactions. One of the pioneers of social networking sites published the robot's answer to his request to write him song lyrics about the actions performed by artificial intelligence, in the style of the rapper Eminem, so he wrote to him: Artificial intelligence takes over, transforms humans. To old stuff, and that's what pisses me off and makes me breathe fire, and that was the app's attempt to imitate what the multi-time Grammy Award-winning singer sings.