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Why NVIDIA RTX instead of gaming consoles?
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Mar 19, 2023 / By Ghada Magdi / in Blogs

NVIDIA RTX technology in computers provides a unique and exceptional gaming experience thanks to its combination of light tracking, real time and artificial intelligence technologies, to feel as if you are part of a real game in cinematic dimensions!
If you're confused about choosing a PC or a video game console, read on to round up your options, as well as recommend the best hardware available at exclusive prices that you can't miss out on!
What is NVIDIA RTX Light Tracing Technology?
There has been much talk about RTX technology, which means the combination of two prominent technologies in video game and graphics technologies, namely RAY TRACING, and REAL TIME technology.
This means that the RTX gaming experience will give you a realistic and cinematic game simulation with a high frame rate and the help of artificial intelligence to improve graphics accuracy and quality, in addition to lower latency, reflections and shadows on surrounding objects
What will NVIDIA RTX technology bring to the world of video games?
In the event that you are a fan of video games and their veterans, you have undoubtedly noticed the great development in the technical aspect, and how the games of yesterday are not at all similar to the games of today in terms of excitement factors and visual effects.
The great development of computers and the upgrading of its internal components helped to improve the experience of video games and the development of this industry, in terms of processing visual graphics and numerous visual effects.
Today, you can play and enjoy a video game on your console, or play it on your NVIDIA RTX gaming PC or mobile device and experience a whole new level of excitement, excitement, and fast-paced action that the developers sought for.
RTX technology gives you various advantages over regular consoles, including long-term upgrades, larger game libraries, game customization, and improved graphics and performance.
With advanced NVIDIA RTX GPU technologies, including DLSS, Reflex, Ray Tracing, and more, you'll experience the dramatic upscaling in your video games by providing sharper, more realistic visuals, lower latency, and higher FPS