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What is the difference between a hard HDD and an SSD
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Mar 19, 2023 / By Salma Mohammed / in Blogs

As we all know that all parts of the device have gone through many stages of development and are now in a great stage, and one of the most significant developments it has gone through is the “hard disk”, as it has now become very fast, and these modern disks are called SSD, and we will discuss the difference between them and HDD Now Types of hard disk: 1- HDD: It is a hard disk with magnetic disks that rotate quickly and has an electromagnetic pickup whose function is to read and write information to and from the surface of the magnetic disks, which is the disk currently used. 2- SSD: It is a solid storage disk, in which there are no rotating disks, and the solid memory uses the static random access memory technology, which is the new type of storage disk. SSD hard disk features: Longer life span and more stamina. Use less electrical current than the HDD. The system boot speed, because there are no moving parts in the disk. There is no sound in the hard drive because there are no moving parts. The speed of random access. The HDD is the opposite of what we said earlier. Speed in relation to the SSD: With regard to the speed intended to be the speed of entering the operating system, the speed of writing, the speed of the data transfer rate, and the speed of opening programs, as programs are opened within 30 seconds, and that is with regard to the SSD, and what we said also applies to the speed of shutting down the device