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Technology Valley Gamers Day
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Mar 19, 2023 / By Salma Mohammed / in Events


We have successfully launched the first of its kind Gaming Event (Gamers Day) in Egypt with the full support of a private sector company (Technology Valley), and will be the beginning of a series of events with valuable prizes and with the participation of gaming heroes in Egypt. 

Contribution from Technology Valley Company in the field of games and in support of the heroes of the games in Egypt. The events of the first championship of Gamers Day, which took place in the Fifth Settlement, ended with the participation of the game heroes in Egypt and in the presence of a jury composed of the most famous influencers of that field in Egypt. 

Qualifiers took place on Thursday and Friday, and the finals on Saturday, amid the presence of artistic and entertainment activities throughout the days of the exhibition, with direct coverage of the finals on large screens in the center of the mall, with commentary from the most famous commentators of the game in Egypt.