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Passwords will become a thing of the past
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Mar 19, 2023 / By Ghada Magdi / in Blogs

Three giant technology companies (Google, Microsoft and Apple) have announced a joint effort to do without passwords on various platforms by next year.


The announcement came today, Thursday, which coincides with World Password Day, to bring the world a step closer to passwords becoming part of the past, according to The Verge.


The passwordless login process will allow users to choose their phone as the main authentication device for apps, websites and other digital services, Google explained in a blog post Thursday.


Unlocking the phone with anything set as default, such as entering a PIN, drawing a pattern, or using a fingerprint, will be sufficient to log into web services without having to enter a password at all.


It will all be done through the use of a unique token called a passkey that is shared between the phone and the website


The move aims to simplify operations for users and ensure they are more secure by making logins conditional on a real device


Password-less, means that users will not have to remember login details across services or compromise security by re-using the same password in multiple places


Also, a passwordless system will make it difficult for hackers to hack login details remotely because login requires access to a real physical device.


Also in theory, scammer attacks in which users are directed to a fake website to obtain passwords would be much more difficult.


The upcoming action will include Android and iOS operating systems, Chrome, Safari, Edge, Windows and Mac browsers.


The three companies said they expect the new login mechanism to be available across platforms next year, without specifying a specific date for its launch