XO, Wx003, Wireless Charger, Anti Slip Design, Black


    • Fast charging
    • Compatible with all Mobile Phones
    • Led soft light display
    • Type -C interface input
    • 20 Degree Microcoked design
    • Anti - slip design
    • Temperature Protection
    • Over Current Protection
    • Over Voltage Protection

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  • Publish Date: 2020-02-04
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Fast charging mode is high voltage input, when the voltage is unstable or high, the wireless charging will automatically stopworking, effectively protect your own devices and charging equipment.

The built-in intelligent recognition chip which is responsive and professional match with all wireless charging mobile phones


Color: Black


net weight:  about 112g


Support Specification:

 Qi wireless charging

Input voltage /Current: 9V-1.67A/5V-2A

Output: 10W

Charging frequency: 110-205KHZ

Category accessories
Sub-Category Mobile Accessories
Brand XO
Model WX003
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