Toshiba Washing Machine, Top Automatic, 11 KG - Silver - AEW-1190SUP(DS)

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    • EGP 5,769

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    • Toshiba washing machine top automatic 11 kg
    • Washing machine in Silver Color
    • With a water drain pump
    • Made of high quality, rust-resistant materials
    • Country of Origin: Egypt
    • 5 year full free warranty

Toshiba Washing Machine, Top Automatic, 11 KG - Silver - AEW-1190SUP(DS)


Washing machine capacity: 11 kg.

Spin rate: 860 rpm.

Washer body color: Silver.

Washing machine door: Chrome door.

Supplied with a water pump.

Equipped with two water inlets (cold / hot).

Equipped with a lint filter with a new design and longer life.

Made of high quality and rust-resistant materials.

Full control of operating functions by intelligent computer system.

The water level in the washing machine is automatically determined to suit the amount of laundry.

Advanced fan design prevents clothes from getting tangled during the wash cycle.

Its does not consume electrical power during standby mode.

Completes the washing cycle automatically in the event that the electricity supply returns after an interruption.

Automatically disconnected after the end of the washing cycle to save electricity consumption.

Works with the Hydro twin power feature, which is waterfalls to pump water into the drum.

Which helps to raise the efficiency of the powder and penetration with water and clothes.


Washing machine features:

-Gentle wash program for delicate clothes.

-Blankets washing programme.

-Soaking programme.

- Wash basin cleaning program after each use.

- Condensed Foam Wash works automatically at the start of each wash cycle.

- Spin-drying feature ensures higher drying by means of a circular air inlet during the Ultra Spin cycle.

- Delay start-up feature.

- Child protection mode by issuing a distinctive sound alarm.

- All washing operations stop immediately if the washing machine cover is opened during operation.


Washer dimensions (mm):

Width x Height x Depth : 593 x 1007 x 645


Washing machine weight:

Net weight: 41 kg :

Gross weight: 46 kg


Country of Origin: Egypt


Warranty: 5 Years Full Free Warranty

Category home appliances
Sub-Category Washing Machine
Model AEW-1190SUP(DS)
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