call tv-it Toshiba washing machine, automatic, 11 kg, white - AEW-E1150SUP

Toshiba washing machine, automatic, 11 kg, white - AEW-E1150SUP

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Brand : TOSHIBA brand

  • Toshiba washing machine top automatic 11 kg
  • Washing machine color: white
  • Equipped with a water drain pump
  • Made of high quality and rust-resistant materials
  • Country of Origin: Egypt
  • 5  years full free warranty


Toshiba is one of the most trusted companies in the market by many users,

With Diverse Products that must be Available And in many homes.


When it comes to washing machines, we will find that the company offers

several products that meet the needs of most users.


Toshiba top loading washing machine with capacity 11 kg

Which Can Wash Big Amount OF Clothes using one Program with Spin rate 860 rpm.


Comes With a Nice elegant shape with plain white Color and has Black & Silver Frame.

Also with water drain pump and Cold and Hot inlets.


The lint filter with a new design gives the washing machine a longer life.

It’s made of high-quality and rust-resistant materials.


New Technology gives you Full control of operating functions by an intelligent computer system.


There are many features Like Blanket washing cycle and Soak cycle (up to 60 minutes).


The drum can be cleaned after each use by pressing the Tub Cleaning button.


Also Complete protection for children as a distinctive acoustic alarm sounds and

immediately stops all washing operations if the cover is opened during operation.


Higher dry Process with circular air intake during the Super Spin Dry cycle.

Intensive pre-wash feature and Delay start feature.


The water level in the washing machine is automatically determined to suit the amount of laundry.

IT does not consume electricity during standby mode.


Automatic power off the washing machine after 15 seconds at end of the wash cycle.


The washing machine will automatically complete the washing cycle if the power is restored after a power outage.


It Works with waterfalls that re-pull and pump water during washing to raise

the efficiency of the powder and penetration with water and clothes.


Advanced fan design prevents clothes from getting tangled during washing (Hybrid Screw Pulsator).



Home Appliances

Subcategory Washing Machine




Model No



Washing MAchines


Top Automatic


11 KG



Spin Speed ( RPM )

860 RPM

Loading Type

Top Loading

Dimensions ( W x H x D ) mm

607 x 1007 x 683

Net Weight - KG

41 KG

Gross Weight - KG

46 KG

Country Of Origin



5 Years Full Free Warranty