TORNADO Washing Machine Top Automatic 10 Kg

TORNADO Washing Machine Top Automatic 10 Kg Pump White TWT-TLN10LWT

  • TORNADO Washing Machine Top Automatic 10 Kg Pump White TWT-TLN10LWT

    Product name: TORNADO Washing Machine Top Automatic

    Color: White

    Drain Pump

    Made of High Quality and Anti-rust Materials

    Capacity: 10 Kg

    Spin Speed: 860 RPM

    Country of rigin: Egypt

    5 Years Full Free Warranty

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  • Publish Date: 2022-01-13
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Features TORNADO Washing Machine

Equipped with a water drain pump-Equipped with two water inlets (cold / hot).Equipped with a lint filter with a new design and longer life-Made of high quality and rust-resistant- materials.Full control of operating functions by intelligent computer system.

Washing machine programs:-

Normal Wash Program - Light Wash Program - Heavy Wash Program. Blanket Wash Program - Soak Program (up to 3 hours).Tub Clean Drum Wash Program-Complete protection for children as a distinctive acoustic alarm sounds. and immediately stops all washing operations if the cover is opened during operation.The possibility of setting the water level in the washing machine automatically to suit the amount of laundry.

Delay start Feature

 Automatic power off the washing machine after 15 seconds after the end of the wash cycle-The washing machine will automatically complete the washing cycle if the power is restored after an interruption.Super drying feature: advanced design of the upper air inlets to help get the best drying result.

Condensed Foam Wash Feature:

This feature washes at a lower water level as a preliminary cycle before the main focus cycle-Stronger to powder with water to create a thick foam that helps break up the toughest stains.The washing machine does not consume electricity during standby mode-The washing machine does not consume electricity at all during the preparation period for operation. unlike traditional washing machines, which saves more in electricity consumptiontart feature.

Washing Powerfully Waterfalls:

This feature helps to raise the efficiency of the powder with water more through water falls-Which pulls the water inside the sink and pumps it onto the clothes again during.

Washing process to ensure complete dissolution of the powder.


Advanced fan design helps prevent clothes from getting tangled during the washing process and also helps-On the penetration of water and powder inside the clothes through the force of water circulation inside the drum to obtain superior cleanliness.






Washing Machines


Top automatic





Spin Speed ( RPM )

860 RPM

Drain Pump


Loading Type

Top Loading

Dimensions ( W x H x D ) mm

607 x 1007 x 683

Net Weight

41 Kg

Gross Weight

46 Kg

Country of origin



5 Years Full Free Warranty

Category home appliances
Sub-Category Washing Machine
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