Philips LCD monitor 272M8/56 27 Inch Black


    Product Name: Philips LCD monitor

    Display size: 27 Inch

    Backlight type: W-LED System

    Brightness:  250 cd/m²

    Pixel Pitch: 0.311 x 0.311 mm

    Resolution: 1920 x 1080 @ 144 Hz

    Color: Black

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  • Publish Date: 2021-02-01
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144Hz refresh rates for ultra-smooth, vivid images

If you are interested in intense and competitive gaming, you need a screen that displays very smooth images without any lag. This Philips monitor redraws the screen image up to 144 times per second, which is 2.4 times faster than any other standard monitor. With a lower frame rate, enemies can appear to be jumping from one place to another on the screen, making them hard to hit targets. But, thanks to a frame rate of 144Hz, you can see those important missing images on the screen, showing the enemy's movements in motion so smooth that you can easily target them. With ultra-low input lag and zero screen tearing, this Philips monitor is your ideal gaming partner.


Smart Image Game Mode optimized for gamers

The new Philips gaming monitor features an optimized, on-screen gamer control panel that is quickly accessible, giving you multiple options. The "FPS" (first person shooter) mode enhances the dark theme of the games, allowing you to see hidden objects in dark areas. Racing mode adapts the screen for the fastest response time, high color level and image adjustments. The "RTS" (Real Time Strategy) mode features a special Smart Frame mode, which allows highlighting specific areas, making adjustments to the size and image. The "Gamer 1" and "Gamer 2" features allow you to save your personal customized settings based on different games, to ensure the best performance.






Display Size

27 inch/68.6 cm

Panel Type

IPS technology


Brightness (Typical)

250  cd/m²

Contrast (Typical)


Pixel Pitch

0.311 x 0.311 mm


1920 x 1080 @ 144 Hz

Aspect Ratio


Response time

1 ms (MPRT)


683 x 525 x 249  mm


6.35  kg

Display Screen Coating

Anti-Glare, 3H, Haze 25%

Scanning Frequency

30 - 160 kHz (H) / 48 - 144 Hz (V)


VGA (Analogue)

HDMI (digital, HDCP)

DisplayPort x 1






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Model 272M8/56
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