LG Dualcool Inverter Compressor STD 4 HP Cooling/Heating S4-W30R43EA

  • LG Dualcool Inverter Compressor STD 4 HP Cooling/Heating  S4-W30R43EA

    Product Name: LG Dualcool Inverter Compressor STD 

    • Energy Saving
    • Fast Cooling
    • DUAL Inverter Compressor™
    • 10 Year Warranty
    • Low Noise
    • Jet Dry
    • Capacity  [BTU] 24000
  • Product Code: S4-W30R43EA
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  • Publish Date: 2022-02-27
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Product Specification 


Energy saving

Inverter Compressor constantly adjusts the compressor speed to maintain desired temperature levels. Moreover, the Dual Inverter Compressor™ with an energy-saving operating rate range saves more energy than a conventional compressor

fast cooling

LG Air Conditioner Starts Cooling Air Quickly Using its High Speed ​​Cooling Range Thanks to Dual Inverter Compressor™, LG Air Conditioner starts to cool the air farther and cools spaces faster.

low noise

LG air conditioners operate at lower sound levels, thanks to LG's unique tilting fan and Dual Inverter 

Compressor™ that eliminate unnecessary noise and allow for smooth operation

Quick and easy installation

LG air conditioners are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the surroundings and the number of people involved in the installation process Thanks to reduced labor and installation time, it is now possible to install more air conditioners in more homes in a shorter period of time.

6-step vertical aperture control

Users can choose the direction of the vane from 6 preset positions to precisely meet the air force in the direction you want.

Dual protection filter

Double protection filter captures large volume of dust

automatic cleaning

The comprehensive auto-cooling function prevents the formation of bacteria and fungi on the heat exchanger thus providing a more comfortable and pleasant environment for the user

Jet Dry technology

Jet Dry technology prioritizes removing moisture from areas with high humidity levels to keep the air in your room dry and fresh.

fast heating

Four-way automatic oscillation adjusts airflow based on the surrounding environment, allowing warm  air to be distributed throughout living areas and enabling rapid heating





Capacity Cooling (Min ~ Rated ~ Max)

1.77 ~ 8.80 ~ 11.14 kW
6,035 ~ 30,000 ~ 38,000 Btu/h


Capacity Heating (Min ~ Rated ~ Max)

1.47 ~ 8.50 ~ 9.79 kW
5,000 ~ 29,000 ~ 33,400 Btu/h


Power Input - Cooling (Min ~ Rated ~ Max)

610 ~ 2,440 ~ 3,990 W

Power Input - Heating (Min ~ Rated ~ Max)

559 ~ 2,235 ~ 3,990 W

Operating Current - Cooling (Min ~ Rated ~ Max)

3.92 ~ 11.20 ~ 17.00 A

Operating Current - Heating (Min ~ Rated ~ Max)

3.68 ~ 10.50 ~ 17.00 A

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

3.61 W/W
12.30 (Btu/h)/W

Available Voltage Range

187~276 V

Coefficient of Performance (COP)

3.80 W/W
12.98 (Btu/h)/W

Power Factor – Cooling and Heating


Indoor - Air Flow Rate (Cooling, Max/H/M/L)

32/25/21/17 m³/min

Indoor - Air Flow Rate (Heating, Max/H/M/L)

33/27/23/19 m³/min

Indoor - Sound Pressure Level (Cooling, Max/H/M/L/SL)

57/52/47/43/34 dB(A)

Indoor - Sound Pressure Level (Heating, Max/H/M/L/SL)

57/52/47/43 dB(A)

Indoor - Dimensions (W × H × D) - Net   

1200 x 360 x 265 mm

Indoor - Weight (Net)


Outdoor - Dimensions (W × H × D) - Net

950 x 832 x 330 mm

Outdoor - Weight (Net)


Outdoor - Sound Pressure Level (Cooling, Rated)

58 dB(A)

Outdoor - Sound Pressure Level (Heating, Rated)

59 dB(A)

Category home appliances
Sub-Category Air Conditioner & Air purifier
Brand LG
Model S4-W30R43EA
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