LDNIO – AW001 Super 10W Wireless Charger Pad

  • LDNIO – AW001 Super 10W Wireless Charger Pad

    Luminous wireless charger

    Charging power 10 watts

    It automatically recognizes the type of phone and

    charges it with the appropriate power for it

    Protection against high temperatures

    Automatically shuts off when charger temperature rises

    LED lighting that works as a lamp and night lighting

    Compatible with all devices that support wireless charging

    Supports charging while placing the case on the phone

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  • Publish Date: 2021-11-23
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Heat-Dissipation Design Auto Cut off Power when excess Temperature. Pure Copper Coil, Wireless charging.

New Generation LD-Wireless Chip, Compatible with all phones that support wireless charging in the market.

Charging Even with phone shell, can charge for both compatible for android mobile and compatible for iPhone.

White with Red Color, Simple and Fashion, White Color Matches interior Design.

10W Output For fast charging, Its output power Depends on input power.

LED Beside lamp, the built-in LED can be regarded as beside lamp, wireless charger with lamp, warm and soft LED light gently company with your every evening.

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Model AW001
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