LDNIO LC93 Ultra Strong Data Cable 3 in 1

LDNIO LC93 Ultra Strong charge Cable 3 in 1

  • LDNIO LC93 Ultra Strong charge Cable 3 in 1

    3.4A max charge

    130 copper 0.1 mm for charge

    Micro + iPhone + Type C ( 3-in-1 cable)

    1 meter made of aluminum and denim

    Does not transfer data

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  • Publish Date: 2021-11-24
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LDNIO LC93 3in1 IOS/Micro/TypeC 3.4A/4ft USB Cable, Quick Charge, Data Transfer 3.4A high efficiency and fast charging can save time and give full play its performance Upgraded and strengthened interface can withstand repeated bending, or buckling to avoid breakage Using environmental friendly materials which are soft and of elasticity.

 Anti pulling and anti-bending.

Compatible with:  lightning- TYPE - C and Android micro USB phones perfectly.

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Model LC93
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