call tv-it KJH, Charging Stand With Cooling Fan For Playstation 5 -PS5

KJH, Charging Stand With Cooling Fan For Playstation 5 -PS5

850 LE
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Brand : Generic brand

Support with fans and USB ports for PS5

Compatible with both versions of PS5

3 x USB Type A, 2 x USB Type C,

2 x 3000 rpm cooling fans Connectors

Input power: 2A & Output power: 0.5 to 1 A

Comes in black Color


Charging Stand Pro Playstation 5 (PS5) Disk/Digital, with Cooling Fan System


Suitable for both versions - 2 fans - 3 USB ports

The new PS5 is finally here. This new generation of consoles is not only noteworthy because of SONY's new console,

but also because of all the accessories it supports. So, this new Playstation 5 Pro stand is created to give you that extra something you've been looking for.

Designed for use with both standard and digital versions, it is one of the most complete.

Read on and you'll know why you need it already installed on your new PS5.


2-Fan Cooling System

This stand is designed to be used with both versions of PS5, being one of the most complete you will find.

It allows you to have your console standing up without any problem. And not only that, this model has 2 fans for the best possible use,

cooling the console in a spectacular way and giving you USB connections so that you can have everything connected.

One of the most complete stands of the moment.

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