Fresh instant water heater 11 kW White

    Product Name: Fresh instant water heater 

    Capacity: 11 KW

    Type: Instant Water Heater

    Color: White


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  • Publish Date: 2022-01-23
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Product Specification

power 11  kW

Touch screen to control water temperature with maximum setting of 55 degrees.

Constant water temperature regardless the flow.

Can be installed over and under sink.

Overheating protection.

ELCP (Earth leakage circuit breaker)

Dry heating protection.

Cast aluminum heating element.

No direct contact between water and heating element.

Lead free electronics.

Fault auto detection.

No limescales for longer life.

Compact design.

Endless hot water.

Easy installation.

Very reliable quality




instant 11 kw


11 KW

Power Source


Water Heater Type

Tankless Water Heater



Category home appliances
Sub-Category Water Heaters
Brand Fresh
Model instant 11 kw
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