Elite, Sleeve, 14 inch, Laptop, Case, Protective - Dark Blue

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    Protective Sleeve 14 Inch notebooks laptop Lapshirt

    Sleeve is splash-resistant and can be dry washed

    Gorgeous and stable multiple colors

    Industrial safety approvals have been obtained

    By the Egyptian customs authorities

Elite, Sleeve, 14 inch, Laptop, Case, Protective 

The ideal multi-purpose laptop case, which is lined from the inside with a soft layer to keep the computer free of dust,

It has a large front pocket to put the charger and some things, and it has a front hand for easy carrying in the hand.

The entire case is not leaking water except for the splash-proof zipper only. The portfolio often comes in 8 colors to suit all styles of clothing,

whether classic or youthful, for men and women.


Description, size and dimensions:

Height: 26 cm // Total product height from hand to bottom of bag base.

Width: 36 cm // Total width from right to left side after placing the items.

Thickness: 3 cm // It means the width of the bag from front to back.

Maximum depth: 26 cm // which is the height of the large pocket and from it the maximum height of any object that can be carried in it.

Front pocket depth: 21 cm // It is a small pocket for jealous items such as wallets and keys.

The main zipper: 42 cm // which is the length of the zipper and from it it is known how easy it is to enter and exit the items

Front zipper: 33 cm // It is a medium pocket in which the charger or some medium objects are placed.

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Model sleeve-14-D-Blu
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