Elite Ponasoo Safety MY-203 Backpack 17 Inch Laptop bag Brown

  • Elite Ponasoo Safety MY-203 Backpack 17 Inch  Laptop bag Brown

    Laptop back bag for 17 inch size laptop

    The bag is splash-resistant and can be dry washed

    Gorgeous and stable multiple colors

    Industrial safety approvals have been obtained

    By the Egyptian customs authorities

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  • Publish Date: 2021-09-05
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Elite, Ponasso, Safety, MY-203 Backpack, 17 inch, Laptop Bag - Brown color

The Ponasso backpack is one of the bags that has won the admiration of the Egyptian consumer in the last ten years, for several reasons,

including the wonderful materials of high quality, which is not waterproof, but it is very resistant to splashes and dust,

and also one of the reasons for its distinction is the multiplicity of its models and its high-end attractive colors that are in line with young people in a way Modern and elegant,

it also features several internal and external pockets for easy and smooth distribution of belongings

It also has several other features, including the back and sweat-resistant carrying arms designed for back comfort and ease of portability,

even for customers who prefer to carry their bags on one shoulder. It is inside the bag.





52 cm

Total product height from hand to bottom of bag base.


39 cm

Total width from right to left after placing the items.


18 cm

It means the width of the base of the bag from front to back, which is often different from the thickness.

Maximum depth

55 cm

which is the height of the large pocket and from it knowing the maximum height of any object that can be carried in it.

The main zipper

73 cm

which is the length of the zipper, from which it is known how easy it is to enter and exit items, and its depth is 45 cm.

Middle zipper

69 cm

which is a large pocket, two small pockets and 2 pouches for pens, its depth is 38 cm.

Front zipper

21 cm

It is intended for a personal wallet or a mobile phone.

Small zipper

13 cm

It is intended for small things that are difficult to find in the middle of things with large pockets.

Strap length

89 cm

adjustable from 43 to 95 cm to fit any height.

Category electronics
Sub-Category Laptop & Computer Accessories
Brand Elite Bags
Model MY-203-Brwn
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