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ELITE Ocean GS15 Laptop Bag 11.6 Inch Light Blue

  • ELITE Ocean  GS15 Laptop Bag 11.6 Inch Light Blue

    Product Name: ELITE Ocean  GS15 Laptop Bag

    Height: 31cm

    Width: 26cm

    Depth: 6cm

    Max depth: 31 cm

    Main zipper: 43cm

    Front zipper: 18cm

    Front zipper max depth: 29 cm

    Front side pocket width: 12 cm

    Maximum depth of the front side pocket: 20 cm

    Back zipper: 26cm

    Depth of back zipper: 24 cm

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  • Publish Date: 2021-12-01
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Bag backpack with a padded back against sweating and consisting of three large zipper openings with three pockets, one of them is dedicated to protecting the laptop with sponge balloons and the middle zip is divided into a large pocket and two small pocket for personal cards and 2 pouches for pens and the small zipper for small items such as keys, a laptop and a succession as well. There is a small handle on top of the bag with a flexible liner for easy carrying from the top if you want to carry it from one place to another. The entire bag is not waterproof except for the splash-proof zipper. The bag also often comes in 8 overlapping colors that suit all styles of clothing, whether classic or youth, for men and women







31 cm


26 cm


6 cm

Max Depth

31 cm

Main Zipper

43 cm

Front Zipper

18 cm

Front Zipper Max Depth

29 cm

Front Sode Pocket Width

12 cm

Maximum Depth Of The Front Side Pocket

20 cm

Back Zipper

26 cm

Depth Of Back Zipper

24 cm

Category electronics
Sub-Category Laptop & Computer Accessories
Brand Elite Bags
Model GS15
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