ELITE ELF GS01 Small Bag Havan

    • This bag can collect all your items
    • For your daily look and for ease of carrying
    • Durability with its Leather Material
    • Approved by the Ministry of Industry
    • Comes with a large zipper for easy opening and closing
    • designed with a small & strong belt covered with leather
  • Product Code: ELF-GS01
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  • Publish Date: 2022-01-31
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    • EGP 150

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ELF bag specifications

The practical bag that gives you comfort while on the move, and this bag can collect all your personal items (cash wallet - keys - phone - money - others) with ease. You can also divide all these things between the three pockets in it for easy placement and easy access, which are different About the models spread in the market in terms of material, durability, colors and size. As for the material, it is leather, and in some suede colors, it gives the feel of a soft fabric. The durability of the materials used is made of leather treated against dust and liquids, and it comes with a large zipper for easy opening and closing, and it comes in multiple colors to suit all tastes and a small size that accommodates many purposes. For your daily look and for ease of carrying, we designed a small hand for it. It is a strong belt covered with leather, which gives durability and beauty at the same time. The materials used are approved by the Ministry of Industry and the Egyptian Ports Authority and conform to the Egyptian technical specifications. The bag comes in 5 different colors to suit all tastes and suit all fashions. Whether casual or classic, it is suitable for all age groups, whether women or men




Total product height from the hand to the bottom of the bag base

16 cm


Total width from right to left after placing the items

24 cm


the width of the bag from front to back

8 cm


Means the width of the base of the bag from front to back, and it is often different from the thickness

5 cm


Which is the height of the large pocket, and from it the maximum height for any purpose that can be carried in it

30 cm

Maximum Depth

The length of the zipper, and from it it is known how easy it is for items to enter and exit, and its depth is 15 cm

28 cm

First Main Zipper

The same specifications as the first main zipper

28 cm

Second Main Zipper

The side zip is for light purposes and is 8 cm deep

21 cm

Side Zip



Category accessories
Sub-Category Laptop & Computer Accessories
Brand Elite Bags
Model ELF-GS01
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