Elite BELKIN 17 Inch Laptop Backpack Bag Black

  • Elite BELKIN 17 Inch Laptop Backpack  Bag  Black

    Laptop back bag for 17 size laptop

    The bag is splash-resistant and can be dry washed

    Gorgeous and stable multiple colors

    Industrial safety approvals have been obtained

    By the Egyptian customs authorities

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  • Publish Date: 2021-09-20
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Elite, BELKIN, 17, Inch, Laptop, Backpack , Bag - Black

VAIO backpack with a padded back against perspiration and consisting of four large zipper slots with three pockets.

One of them is designed to protect the laptop with foam balloons, and there is another pocket for tablets up to 10 inches

And the middle zipper is divided into a large pocket in which an additional laptop can be placed, but without protection,

Suitable for large items Such as clothes or workbooks and another small pocket for personal cards and 2 pouches for pens.

And a small zipper for small belongings such as keys, laptops, etc.

There is also a small hand at the top of the bag with a flexible lining for easy carrying from the top if you want to carry it from one place to another.

The whole bag is not leaking water except for the anti-splash zipper.

and there are some special additions to it, such as a belly belt that connects the arms to tighten the wearing of the bag when exercising.

There is also an identification card to write the name, address and phone number in case of loss.

The bag, charging port and audio for the mobile phone for easy charging and listening while on the move.






48 cm

The total height of the product from the hand to the bottom of the bag base.


33 cm

The total width from the right to the left side after placing the items


15 cm

It means the width of the base of the bag from front to back, and it is often different from the thickness.


48 cm

which is the height of the large pocket and from it knowing the maximum height of any object that can be carried in it.

The maximum depth of the bag

92 cm

which is the length of the zipper, from which it is known how easy it is for items to enter and exit, and its depth is 45 cm.

The main zipper

32 cm

It is intended for a personal wallet or a mobile phone.

Front zipper

36 cm

It is intended for a personal wallet or a mobile phone.

Depth of Front zipper

90 cm

adjustable from 43 to 95 cm to fit any height

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