Elite 13.3 inch Laptop Case Protective Sleeve Light Grey

    Product Name: Elite 13.3 inch Laptop Case Protective Sleeve  

    Protective Sleeve 13.3 Inch notebooks laptop Lapshirt

    The sleeve is splash-resistant and can be dry washed

    Gorgeous and stable multiple colors

    Industrial safety approvals have been obtained

    By the Egyptian customs authorities

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  • Publish Date: 2021-09-06
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Features Elite 13.3 inch Laptop Case Protective Sleeve  

The ideal multi-purpose laptop case, which is lined from the inside with a soft layer to keep the computer free of dust.

It has three small pockets to facilitate the placement of items in an organized manner.

The Sleeve often comes in 8 colors to suit all styles of clothing, whether classic or youthful, for men and women.






26 cm // Total height of the product from the hand to the bottom of the bag base.


36 cm // The total width from the right side to the left after placing the items.


2 cm // It means the width of the bag from front to back


4 cm // It means the width of the base of the bag from front to back, and it is often different from the thickness.

The maximum depth of the bag

26 cm // which is the height of the large pocket and from it knowing the maximum height of any object that can be carried in it.

The main zipper

42 cm // which is the length of the zipper and from it it is known how easy it is for items to enter and exit.

Top zipper

18 cm // It is a medium pocket in which the charger or some medium objects are placed, and its depth is 20 cm.

Bottom zipper

18 cm // It is a small pocket for jealous items such as wallets and keys, and its depth is 10 cm.

Side zipper

8 cm // It is a small pocket for slim items such as pens and glasses, and its depth is 18 cm.

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Model sleeve-13.3--LGry
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