EA Swiss Sarl It Takes Two PlayStation PS4 & PS5 CD Game

  • EA Swiss Sarl It Takes Two PlayStation PS4 & PS5 CD Game

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    Perfect co-op play - invite a friend to play for free with Friend's Pass. in Egypt

    Fun and revolutionary gameplay - unruly vacuum cleaners, with It Takes Two you never know what you'll encounter next.

    A comprehensive relationship story - discover a touching and emotional story that you will both appreciate!

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  • Publish Date: 2022-06-22
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It Takes Two PS4 Features

It Takes Two PS4 PS5

Take the craziest journey of your life in the platform-based adventure game It Takes Two that combines several gameplay genres and is primarily designed for co-op. Invite a friend to play for free with Friend's Pass and go through a wide range of fun and revolutionary gameplay challenges together.

Master the abilities of the unique and connected characters in each new level. Help each other through unexpected obstacles and very funny moments. Immerse yourself in the fun and emotional story of a broken relationship.

It Takes Two is developed by Hazelight, the leading co-op studio.


PS4 – PS5

Publish Date

25 – 3 – 2021


EA Swiss Sarl



Screen Languages

Spanish, German, English, Italian, Portuguese (Brazil), Polish, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), French (France), Korean, Japanese

Number of players

1 - 2 players

Online Play


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Sub-Category Games
Brand Generic
Model It Takes Two
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