COUGAR VANTAR - Scissor Gaming Keyboard

    COUGAR VANTAR Scissor Gaming Keyboard Price and Specs

    Keys: scissors

    Anti-ghosting keys: 19 keys extension

    User interface: USB plug

    Backlight: eight backlight effects

    Cable length: 1.6 meters

    Weight: 600 grams

    System requirements: Windows 7 - Windows 8 - Windows 10

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  • Publish Date: 2022-05-19
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COUGAR VANTAR Scissor Gaming Keyboard Features & Specifications

Playing at night without disturbing anybody is possible thanks to Vantar’s quiet and comfortable scissor switches. With eight different lighting effects and lots of handy functions, this is a great keyboard for night gamers.


A True Gaming Atmosphere - 8-Effect Multicolour Backlight

With a backlit area far larger than that of most gaming keyboards, the eight different effects (including a customizable one) become a truly enjoyable experience that will enhance your gaming atmosphere.


Scissor Switches - ApProach your prey silently

The COUGAR Vantar´s Scissor switches provide an answer for all those who want a quiet gaming keyboard with silent quality feedback. Play at night without disturbing anybody and enjoy precise response and excellent tactile feedback.


Accurate Response - Anti-Ghosting Technology

Vantar’s Anti-Ghosting technology will bring you accurate responses in multi-key commands.


Gaming Convenience - FN Key Shortcuts

Vantar’s key shortcuts will allow you to control media volume and playback, as well as other handy functions.

Product Name

COUGAR VANTAR Scissor Gaming Keyboard



Anti-Ghosting Keys

19-Key Rollover


USB plug


132(L) X 445(W) X 20(H)mm

5.20(L) x 17.52(W) x 0.79(H)in


Eight Backlight Effects

Cable LEngth

1.6 m


600 Grams

System Requirements

Windows 7

Windows 8

Windows 10



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Sub-Category Accessories
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