call tv-it Cougar Immersa Essential Gaming Headset With Microphone

Cougar Immersa Essential Gaming Headset With Microphone

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Brand : COUGAR brand

260g ultra Lightweight Suspended Leatherlike Headband Design

40mm Driver: High-quality Stereo Sound

Perfect Clarity: 9.7mm Noise Cancellation Microphone

Convenience: Volume Control & Microphone Switch Control

4 Pole to 3 Pole Adapter for Extra Compatibility

Reduce Crosstalk Signal Transmission


Cougar Immersa Essential Gaming Headset With Microphone Features

Building on COUGAR’s years of experience in analog audio development,

Immersa Essential is the over-ear headset built for the balance between sound quality and lightweight design.

The enhanced chamber and large 9.7mm microphone provide high-fidelity quality for true acoustic transmission.

It’s time to Immerse yourself!

Feather Design

Immersa Essential is the gaming headset for long and comfortable gaming that’s equipped with the Immersa family’s design fundamentals.

The stable & sturdy metals reduce the vibration for the ear-piece in case there are low-frequency outputs.

The finest metal stripes construct the frame and assemble the proper force for long-lasting hours of gaming.

Excellent Sound Quality

The Immersa Essential brings the harmony between quality and performance.

Once you wear it, you’ll enjoy the audio symphony in your games!

The chamber and diffuser ribs allow the driver to create a clearer resonance among the bass and treble audio outputs.

The noise cancellation and 9.7mm cardioid pick-up microphone receives the true audio frequency tone.

The extended length of the pick-up unit can be slightly adjusted for extra clarity. The anti-pop cover can reduce sound disturbance.

Crosstalk Reduction

Through different platforms and communication software,

it can be hard to avoid crosstalk from standard electrical 3.5mm phone jacks. However,

the Immersa Essential is equipped with true fidelity cords with well-shielding and insulation design for reducing the crosstalk signal.

Your teammate can hear an even clearer sound from you.


Extraordinary Comforts

Immersa Essential’s featherweight & flexible stretch headband

with oval-shaped earpads allows you to have an immersive and pressure-free wearing experience.


One Headset to Hear Them All

With Immersa Essential’s 4 to 3 pole adapters, it is compatible with phones, consoles, laptops, desktop computers and many other devices with 3.5mm audio jacks.

The line-control unit can freely adjust the microphone mute and volume choices with full compatibility across devices.



Headphone Specifications:

Driver: 40mm

Max. Input Power: 20mW

Sensitivity at 1kHz: 103±3dB

Impedance at 1kHz: 32Ω±10%

Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz


Microphone  Specifications

Driver: 9.7mm

Mic Type: Cardioid Noise Cancellation

Mic Sensitivity at 1kHz: -50dB±3%

Mic Frequency Response: 100Hz - 20kHz

Mic Impedance: 680Ω

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