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COUGAR HAVOC BT Wireless Headset

  • COUGAR HAVOC BT Wireless Headset

    COUGAR HAVOC Bluetooth Wireless Headset Price and Specs

    10mm Graphene Diaphragm Drivers: Pro-level Sound Quality

    Wireless: With Bluetooth Technology and aptX™ Decoder

    With Hi-resolution MEMS Microphone with Universal Control Button

    Wired Mode with 3.5mm Audio Connector, Compatible with CTIA Standard

    Various Ear Tip Options: 3 Sound-enhanced Flexile Foam and 3 Isolating Silicon Rubber Ear Tips

    3 Ergonomic Sizes of In-Ear Hooks

    Integrated Multi-smartphone-platform iOS & Android Controller

    Long Battery Life: Up to 8 Hours, Rapid Charging with 5V/1A Power Connection

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  • Publish Date: 2022-05-19
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COUGAR HAVOC BT Wireless Headset ٍSpecifications

HAVOC BT - Amplify the Life Gaming Presence

Havoc BT is the wireless in-ear headset that fulfilled your life gaming experiences. Advanced comfort-enhancing ergonomic design and long battery life are also present in these top-end wireless gaming earbuds.


The Best Audio

The combination among the 10mm-size driver, graphene diaphragms and the aptX™ decoder technology, Havoc BT will brighten everything you can hear; every little gaming detail will not be missed. The optimized sound will keep you struggling to believe it comes for a wireless in-ear headset.

The aptX audio technology supports high-quality wireless audio, bringing pro-audio quality to consumer electronic devices.


Graphene Diaphragm Drive

Standard Drive


Excellent Sound Picking

Havoc BT premium MEMS microphone transfers your voice clearly, ensuring an optimal online (in-game and off-game) chatting experience.


Wireless freedom

Havoc BT’s state-of-the-art Bluetooth Technology combines a great range with absolute compatibility and meanwhile brings you up to 8 hours of battery life and rapid charging within two hours that will survive most gaming or life sessions. Havoc BT stays connected for as long as you want it to!


iOS Compatible

Android Compatible


Up to 8 hours battery life

Rapid Charging Within 2-hour

with 1A/5V power connection

10m Receive Range



Silicon ear options with Bluetooth technology allow Havoc BT to optimize freedom in the life gaming experience. Three types of silicon ear hook sets increase the comforts and keep them perfectly stable in your ear.


Absolute Comfort

For the ergonomic concern, Havoc BT brings a stress-free presence by your demands. For the long period of immersing yourself in the game, various options of Havoc BT provide the perfect adaptation to be comfortable. To guarantee an enjoyable experience, we have included six sets of earbuds, using two materials (Flexile foam and silicon rubber) and three sizes (S, M, and L).


Driver: ∅10mm

Max. Input Power: 15mW

Sensitivity at 1kHz: 108dB/1KHZ

Impedance at 1kHz: 32Ω

Frequency Response: 10HZ-20KHZ


In-Line Mic Type: MEMS

In-Line Mic Sensitivity at 1kHz: -42±3dB

In-Line Mic Frequency Response: 100HZ-10KHZ

In-Line Mic Impedance: <2.2KΩ


Battery Type: 120mAH

Duration: Maximum 8 hours*


Bluetooth: 4.1

Range: 10m*

In-Line Mic Frequency Response: 100HZ-10KHZ

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