Cougar ARMOR Gaming Chair Seat

    Product Name:Cougar ARMOR

    Fully adjustable and made of first quality materials, unique design for gaming

    High back structure will properly support your lower back, minimizing tension

    Breathable PVC leather is pleasant to the touch and will stay fresh

    Includes two comfortable pillows for your head and lumbar region

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  • Publish Date: 2022-02-19
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Features Cougar ARMOR Gaming Chair Seat

Continuous Reclining

Cougar ARMOR Gaming Chair Seat With Armor you are not restricted to fixed steps when reclining your chair. Instead of being limited to a few options, you can find the exact point that maximizes your comfort and stay there.

180º Reclining

Cougar ARMOR Gaming Chair Seat Armor allows you to recline up to 180º. Stay straight while working and lie down for resting when you’re over.

Product Name

Cougar ARMOR Gaming Chair

Weight Support

120kg (264.55 lb)

Product Weight

21kg (46.30 lb)

Width of Backrest

56.5 cm (22.24 inch)

Length of Backrest

84cm (33.07 inch)

Seat Thickness

9cm (3.54 inch)

Armrest to Armrest

49 ~52cm

(19.29 ~ 20.47 inch)

Floor to Base

36 ~ 44cm

(14.17 ~ 17.32 inch)

Width of Seat

54cm (21.25 inch)

Seat Depth

50cm (19.69 inch)

Armrest Height to Floor

63 ~ 70cm

(24.80 ~ 27.56 inch)

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Sub-Category Accessories
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