Carrier Elegant Pro Air condititoner 4.5 HP 53QFJT36N

    Product Name: Carrier Elegant Pro

    Type: Floor Standing

    Horsepower: 36K ( 4.5 HP )

    System: Cool and Heat

    System Refrigerant: R410A

    System Cooling:33500Btu/hr

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  • Publish Date: 2022-02-20
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product specification

Elegant Pro floor standing split systems are the optimum air conditioning solution for large places which require Floor installation, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient, quiet operation, optimum air distribution and increased air throw distance.



Type of Air Condition

Cool / Hot

AC Model


Heat Capacity for Cooling

33500 kW

9.82 watts

Electrical consumption for cooling


14.17 amps

Energy Efficiency Ratio for Cooling

11.00  WB/Wh

3.22 W/W

Energy Efficiency Level (EOS Tested)


Heating heat capacity

33700   WB/Wh

 9.88 watts

Electric consumption for heating

2862  watts

13.08 amps

Heating Energy Efficiency Ratio


Indoor Unit Model


dehumidification rate

3.25   liters/hour

Air Flow Rate (Low / Medium / High)

881/1015 cu ft/min

1726/1497 m3/h

Sound pressure level (low / medium / high) according to ISO 3741 sound measurement specification

50.0 / 55.9 / 58.9 dB

Net dimensions (width * height * depth)

410X1825X540 millimeters

Net weight

51 kg

Outdoor Unit


Compressor type Tropical

double rotary

Freon /Pipe Connection Type

R410A / Flare

SPL according to ISO 3741. Sound Measurement Standard


Net dimensions (width * height * depth)

400 * 810 * 410*945 mm

Net weight

69 kg

Installation data


Diameters of pipe fittings (gas line * liquid line)

4/3 *8/3 inch

Maximum length for Freon pipe connections

25 meters

Maximum height between the outdoor and indoor units

15 meters

Diameter condensate drain hose

19 millimeter

Size and number of electrical wires from the electrical source to the indoor unit

6 mm2 (2 wires + 1 ground) - wire size (number of wires)

Size and number of electrical wires from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit

1 mm2 (3 wires + 1 ground) - wire size (number of wires)

Electrical Source

220 / 1 / 50 V / Phase / Hz

Category home appliances
Sub-Category Air Conditioner & Air purifier
Brand Carrier
Model 53QFJT36N
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