Carrier Air Conditioner Prestige Pro 4.50 Horspower 53QFLT36N

    Product Name: Carrier Air Conditioner  Prestige Pro

    Type: High Wall

    Horsepower: 36K (4.50HP)

    Operating System: Cool And Heat

    System Refrigerant: R410A

    Cooling Power: 32800Btu/Hr

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  • Publish Date: 2022-02-21
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Product Specification 

Prestige Pro split system is the optimum air conditioning solution for commercial applications for places that require floor or wall or under-ceiling installations, elegant appearance and ultimate comfort combined with efficient and quiet operation, optimum air distribution, and efficient Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Type of Air Condition

Cool / Heat

AC Model


Heat Capacity for Cooling


9.61 kW

Electrical consumption for cooling

2982  WB/Wh

12.84  amps

Energy Efficiency Ratio for Cooling

11.00 B/Wh


Energy Efficiency Level (EOS Tested)


Heating heat capacity

34000Kw / hour

9.96 W

Electric consumption for heating


12.84 Amp

Energy Efficiency Ratio for Heating


Indoor Unit Model


Air Flow Rate (Low / Medium / High)

928/790/679 cu ft/min

1077/1342/1154 m3/h

Sound pressure level (low / medium / high) according to ISO 3741 sound measurement specification


Net dimensions (width * height * depth)

235x675x1285 millimeters

Net weight

31 kg

Outdoor Unit


Compressor type Tropical

Double Rotary

Freon /Pipe Connection Type

R410A / Flare

SPL according to ISO 3741. Sound Measurement Standard

60.7 dB

Net dimensions (width * height * depth)

410x 810 x 946 mm

Net weight

69 kg

Installation data


Diameters of pipe fittings (gas line * liquid line)

¾ x 8/3

Maximum length for Freon pipe connections

25 meters

Maximum height between the outdoor and indoor units

10 meters

Diameter condensate drain hose

8/5 mm

Size and number of electrical wires from the electrical source to the indoor unit

6 mm2 (2 wires + 1 ground) - wire size (number of wires)

Size and number of electrical wires from the outdoor unit to the indoor unit

1 mm2 (5 wires + 1 ground) - wire size (number of wires)

Electrical Source

220 / 1 / 50 V / Phase / Hz

Category home appliances
Sub-Category Air Conditioner & Air purifier
Brand Carrier
Model 53QFLT36N
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