Sony CD Game Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 –PS5

Sony CD Game Demon's Souls PlayStation 5 –PS5

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Brand : SONY brand

Model : DS-PS5

  • Completely Rebuilt from Original Game
  • Updated Visuals
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Supports Online Multiplayer
  • PlayStation 5 Compatible


Demon's Souls from Sony rebuilds the classic 2009 action game from the ground up with enhancements designed for the PlayStation 5 gaming console. With stunning visuals and enhanced performance, the game takes you to Boletaria, a fantasy world of great beauty and peril. Explore the land and battle vicious demons and other creatures to collect souls. Master your weapon skills and sorcery, but be careful–one mistake could cost you everything. However, death isn't necessarily the end. It just introduces a new state of being.


Take your adventure further by battling other players online, or summon allies to your side to take on demons cooperatively. A separate PlayStation Plus subscription is required for online multiplayer.


Demon's Souls is rated M for Mature:


Blood and Gore


Completely Rebuilt

Demon's Souls is rebuilt from the ground up for the PlayStation 5, featuring updated visuals and enhanced performance.


Slay Demons

Explore the world of Boletaria, meet strange characters, battle massive creatures, and collect souls while unraveling the unsettling and dark story.


Master Battle Skills

Hone your combat skills using both weapons and magic, but you must be careful. One mistake could cost you everything, forcing to you step into a new life.


Online Battles

Square off against other warriors in online PvP invasions. Or you can play cooperatively with allies to fight against demons. A PlayStation Plus membership is required for online multiplayer.

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