How to install?

Ok, so what does Credit Card mean ?

It is a card as if you are a cash beneficiary from the bank, and you pay it to the bank in a period that is determined by it etc... The bank gives you 90% of the total guarantee You can install this card with us for 21 months without avails But if he needs to pay off in a period of less than or more than 21 months, you will benefit from it ...

What does Debit Card mean?

It means you have an account with the bank, and you will immediately deduct the amount you paid with us from your account immediately Alternatively, you will be given a Prepaid Card

Well, what does Prepaid Card mean?

It means a payment card, as possible. Any limit that you will get from the bank even if you do not have an account with the bank and even if you are less than 12 years old. And how to pay it? The amount you need to pay will be deposited in the same visa.

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